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Here in Focus Ireland we believe the success of our business is attributed to the quality of our employees. We aim to create continuous improvement and add value through partnership, integration, accessibility and empowerment of all employees. Focus Ireland will try to ensure that all employees receive opportunities to develop and grow both professionally and personally.

This will be achieved, among other ways, through supervision with your line manager and also through the comprehensive training and development programme provided for each member of staff.

Focus Ireland currently employs 286 people in various capacities that include permanent, fixed term, full time, part time, and relief.

Focus Ireland uses competency based interviewing and testing. By way of preparation, candidates should be familiar with the Competency Framework document. Candidates who progress through the recruitment process will be invited to attend a written assessment and interview.

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Seeking Project Workers and Contact Workers for a Dublin Projects Panel

If you are interested in working with Focus Ireland and would like to apply for any of our current vacancies we would be delighted to hear from you!!

All you need to do is complete an application form below and return it to the email address:

To ensure that you meet the criteria for the Project Worker and Contact Worker roles please check out the job descriptions below.

Please click here to view the job descriptions of the current vacancies listed below:

  • Family Support Worker – Aylward Green ( 1 Year, Part Time – 25 hours)
  • Contact Worker – Extended Day Service ( Specific Purpose Contract, Full Time)
  • Contact Worker – Extension (1 Year, Full Time)
  • Contact Worker - Housing First (1 Year, Full Time)
  • Project Worker – Extension (1 Year, Full Time)
  • Project Worker – Off The Street (Permanent, Full Time)
  • Project Worker – Housing First (1 Year, Full Time)
  • Project Worker-   PETE (1 Year, Part Time - 20 hours)
  • Project Worker – Dublin Off Site Housing (1 Year, Part Time – 19.5 hours)

Application forms:

Contact Worker Application Form

Project Worker Application Form

Closing date: 10th February


 FI-RSW Recruitment Support Worker, PETE Dublin

1 Year Contract, Full Time

Please click here  to view the job description

To apply please forward a CV to

Closing date: 6th February 2015


FI-PDD Property Director, Dublin

Full Time, Permanent Contract

Please click here to view job description

To apply please forward a CV to

Closing date: 6th February 2015


FI-RCW Relief Contact Worker, Waterford and Dublin

Please click here for Waterford or here for Dublin to view job descriptions

To apply for either of these roles please forward an application form to


 Focus Ireland is an equal opportunities employer.