A Family Needs a Home

A Family Needs a Home

Help a family escape homelessness

How you can help keep families out of homelessness

Becoming homeless is every family’s worst nightmare, but sadly the numbers of families without homes has been steadily rising for several years now. Thousands of children have been wrenched from their familiar settings, their schools and their friends. Thousands of parents have been forced to live with the grinding stress of not knowing where they can turn for help.

Preventing Homelessness

Please give your support to Focus Ireland today so that we can keep assisting families on the brink.

Guidance & Advice

  • We understand the needs and can advise tenants and negotiate with landlords and local authorities to ensure families are treated fairly.

Help with the paperwork

  • Completion of tenancy application
  • Housing Assisted Payments provision
  • Other key requirements for application

Having & Keeping your home

  • Connections to available housing
  • Challenge unfair rulings
  • Help tenants fight for their homes

At Focus Ireland we believe that a place to live is the most fundamental human right.
That is the core belief that drives everything we do.

The 3 Pillars of our support for families

For families at risk of homelessness, or trying to escape it, we offer a range of donor-supported services. We talk to each individual family and tailor our help to their unique situation, ensuring they have the practical assistance they need at every step.

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1. Advice & Information Services

With this free, open-door service, we give advice to families at risk of homelessness, talking them through their legal rights,
accommodation options and social welfare entitlements.

2. Protecting Your Tenancy

This is more in-depth support, which we give to households who are at risk of homelessness or moving out of homelessness into a new home. We work with families on accessing entitlements, facilitating access to health and budgeting
services, and establishing routines that reduce their likelihood of becoming homeless.

3. Social Rental Model

This is a highly effective way to get homeless families out of emergency accommodation and keep them from falling back into homelessness. Under this model, Focus Ireland secures a tenancy with a private landlord and we then sub-let the property to a family at risk of homelessness.