Focus Ireland’s Women’s Philanthropy Circle is a group of passionate women
from around Ireland who are helping young people like Deborah
realise their potential.

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Deborah’s story

Deborah is a 24-year old trainee accountant. Last year she graduated with a master’s degree from a major Dublin university and now works for one of the world’s most prestigious accountancy firms.

Deborah has a secure and long term home, where she and her young son Liam are safe and at ease.

However, Deborah’s life was not always set on this path. She was once homelessness.

There are over 6500 young people in State care in Ireland today.

Many of these young people, like Deborah, face huge challenges when they transition to independence at 18. Thanks to the support of Women’s Philanthropy Circle members Focus Ireland is there for these young people when they need us most, helping them create positive futures and realise their true potential…

Right now, homelessness is at record levels – fuelled by the shortage of houses and the rapid rise of private rental costs. Young people are among those worst affected, with 776 young people (aged 18-24) currently homeless in Ireland.

To tackle this crisis and help young people like Deborah when they need it most, at Focus Ireland we have set up the Women’s Philanthropy Circle.

The Circle is a network of passionate women who have come together to help young people. The power of the Circle comes from members coming together and pooling their support for young people. Each member supports the Women’s Philanthropy Circle with a minimum monthly investment of €100.

By becoming a member of the Women’s Philanthropy Circle you are making a vital intervention in the lives of vulnerable young people.

Through Focus Ireland’s innovative and long term programmes:

  • You’re helping them find a safe place to live.
  • You’re helping them pursue their education.
  • You’re helping them find employment.
  • And you’re helping them feel safe, sometimes for the first time in their lives, now that they have someone standing by their side when they need it most.

Deborah’s story

Deborah’s inspirational story, from being homelessness at 13 to embarking on the career she has always wanted, shows what young people can achieve with the right help and support from people who stand with them.

At Focus Ireland we want to continue helping young people like Deborah to realise the scope of their potential and without the support of our Circle members we simply can’t do this.

Join the Women’s Philanthropy Circle and help us make a lasting difference.