“It was like a piece of glass shattering.”

At just 8 years old Sean was made homeless. The Landlord sold the house that he lived in with his mum, Miriam, and younger brother Eoin. Choosing which toys to take and which to leave behind, he knew something was wrong. He’d never seen his mum cry like this before. 

Sean and his family were moved into a single room in an emergency accommodation B&B on the outskirts of Dublin, six floors up. This was to be their home for three months.

Right now, almost 4,000 children are homeless in Ireland, and most are under the age of 11.

It is now undeniable that children experiencing homelessness face both immediate and long-term risks to their physical and mental health.

Every day a child is homeless is a day too many.

Together we can stop the hurt of homelessness.

By making a gift to Focus Ireland, you can take powerful action to change a child’s life today, by ensuring them and their families have the supports they need to find a home of their own once more.

Thank you for helping to change lives today.

As part of a Focus Ireland project, Sean was asked to describe the process of becoming homeless. You can read the note he wrote here.