Machu Picchu

The trek we have chosen is along the Salkantay trail and it offers fantastic views of lakes surrounded by breath-taking peaks

Trek Summary & Itinerary

Our 16 day journey in the Peruvian Andes takes in Machu Picchu and it’s lesser known sister city Choquequirao, giving you the ultimate Inca experience. We start our adventure with a stunning trek around Cusco taking in all the major sites while adjusting to the altitude. From Cusco we drive into the depths of the Andes and begin our trek to Choquequirao and Machu Picchu. Choquequirao is twice the size of Machu Picchu and because of its remoteness receives a small fraction of the trekkers that visit Machu Picchu. From Choquequirao, we trek along a stunning route for several days to reach Machu Picchu; crossing rivers, climbing over two high passes (4,150m & 4,668m) and walking through thick jungle teeming with flora and fauna. At several locations on the trek, we are treated with epic views of the snow-capped peaks of Humantay (5,700 m) and Salkantay (6,271 m). We pass through a number of traditional villages, visit a coffee farm to brew coffee and get to bathe in hot springs which works wonders for tired legs!

This itinerary is ideal for those who enjoy a challenging trek and want to immerse themselves in Inca and Peruvian culture.  We have included an optional day trip to Rainbow Mountain and four nights in Cusco the ancient Inca capital. The vivid sights and smells coupled with the interesting fusion of Spanish and Inca architecture make it a fantastic place to explore and enjoy some retail therapy.  There is no doubting the physical and mental determination you will require to complete this trek; however Focus Ireland will be there to help you along the way.

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2021 Trek Dates

  • 09  – 24 July Spaces Available
  • 06 – 21 August Spaces Available
  • 15 – 30 September Spaces Available
  • 10 – 25 September Spaces Available
  • 08 – 23 October Spaces Available

2022 Trek Dates

  • 08 – 23 July Spaces Available
  • 12 – 27 August Spaces Available
  • 09 – 24 September Spaces Available
  • 24 – 29 October Spaces Available

Trek Itinerary

Day 1 to 16

Day 1: Dublin to Lima.
Depart Dublin for Lima. Overnight hotel.

Day 2: Lima to Cusco (3,400m)
Fly from Lima to Cusco. Acclimatisation & sightseeing day. Overnight hotel.

Day 3: Acclimatisation Day in Cusco (3,700m), 5 hrs trekking
Guided hike around Cusco to take in the sights. Overnight hotel.

Day 4: Cusco to Cachora to Chiquisca (1,800m), 6 hrs trekking.
Drive from Cusco to the trail head at Cachora and then trek to Chiquisca. We get our first distant views of Choquequirao today. Overnight camp.

Day 5: Chiquisca to Choquequirao (3,000m), 7 hrs trekking.
In the morning we have a tough climb from the Apurimac River to reach the stunning site of Choquequirao. We have a relaxed afternoon and enjoy a stunning sunset in the evening. Overnight camp.

Day 6: Choquequirao to Pinchiunuyocc (2,400m), 4 hrs trekking.
We spend the morning exploring Choquequirao taking in Hauqaypata (main plaza), Urin (upper square), the priests house, Ushno (ceremonial platform) and the vast network of irrigation channels. In the afternoon we continue our trek to Pinchiunuyocc. Overnight camp.

Day 7: Pinchiunuyocc to Maizal (3,000m), 7 hrs trekking.
We first descend to the Rio Blanco and then have another tough climb through cloud forest to reach Maizal. Overnight camp.

Day 8: Maizal to Yanama (3,600m), 7 hrs trekking.
Today’s trail takes us over Victoria Pass (4,150m) which offers stunning views of the snow-capped peaks of Humantay (5,700m) and Salkantay (6,271m). Overnight camp.

Day 9: Yanama to Totora (3,630m), 8 hrs trekking.
Another stunning day as we reach the highest point on our journey, the Yanama Pass (4,668m) where we might be lucky enough to spot some condor. Overnight camp.

Day 10: Totora to Santa Teresa (1,550m), 7 hrs trekking.
Today is a special day on our adventure as we visit a coffee farm and bathe in hot springs in the evening! Overnight camp.

Day 11: Santa Teresa to Hidroelectrica to Aguas Calientes (2,040m), 4 hrs trekking.
After driving to Hydroelectric station we enjoy a beautiful walk alongside the train tracks through thick forest. Overnight hotel.

Day 12: Machu Picchu Day, 5-7 hrs trekking.
Visit Machu Picchu very early in the morning, enjoy a guided tour of the ruins followed by a hike up the steep steps of Machu Picchu Mountain. Take some time to explore by yourself before we head back to Aguas Calientes. Overnight hotel.

Day 13: Aguas Calientes to Cusco.
Take the train back to Cusco in the morning. Time to do some last minute shopping in the Cusco markets before a celebratory dinner in the evening. Overnight hotel.

Day 14: Free day in Cusco or Rainbow Mountain day tour.
Enjoy a free day in Cusco to explore at your leisure or take a day trip to Rainbow Mountain. Overnight hotel.

Day 15: Cusco to Lima.
Fly Cusco to Lima. Depart Lima in the evening for Dublin. Overnight flight.

Day 16: Lima to Dublin

Machu Picchu Expedition


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