Focus Ireland & Applegreen Partnership

Focus Ireland & Applegreen Partnership

We are delighted to be named as one of Applegreen’s new Charity Partners for 2018/19 and a beneficiary of their Charitable Fund alongside Debra Ireland and The Youth Foundation.

Every time you make a shop and fuel or a shop-only purchase, in Applegreen in Ireland, the company donates 1c to the Fund on your behalf.

The funds raised over the next two years from Applegreen, customers, and staff activities will help our work towards ending the crisis in youth homelessness.

We asked Applegreen to support Focus Ireland prevent Youth Homelessness and the reason for this is because in the last three years there has been a 98% increase in the number of young people becoming homeless and yet it is the one area of homelessness that can be solved.

When a young person becomes homeless, there are always underlying reasons e.g. not receiving accommodation or support upon leaving State Care, family problems, mental health challenges or sometimes it is purely economic pressures. Focus Ireland believes that it is wrong that young people are often left to fend for themselves in these situations.

At Focus Ireland, we believe that no young person should have to live in emergency accommodation or worse. Our innovative programmes are designed to make sure they stay off the streets. Through our work we support every young person to reach their full potential.

We take a person-centred approach, working with each individual to ensure they receive the support they need to thrive. Applegreen’s support will make a significant impact on our ability to be there for young people and help stop them from ever having to experience the trauma of becoming and experiencing homeless.

Thank you Applegreen for coming on board in challenging homelessness and changing lives!