Focus Ireland's Key Circle

Focus Ireland's Key Circle

A community of funders who invest €1,000 or more per year in Focus Ireland’s evidence based and long term solutions to family homelessness.

Your Chance To Make a Wider Difference

Thanks to Key Circle members Focus Ireland can plan and implement long term solutions that deliver lasting societal impacts.

Combating Family Homelessness

We are facing a crisis in family homelessness in Ireland.

Every single day 2 to 3 families are becoming homeless.

In just the first 4 months of 2016, 366 families and 731 children became homeless in Dublin alone. Many of these families have never experienced homelessness before.

The reasons why families can be drawn into homelessness are complex and interlinked. Six years of recession has seen the income of many families fall sharply due to job losses, pay cuts and/or reduced working hours. The cost of living has shot up and there are more additional taxes to pay such as property tax, USC and pending water charges.

Long Term Strategic Giving

At Focus Ireland our mission is to end homelessness and the support of Key Circle members allows us to plan and implement long term solutions that deliver lasting societal impacts. Our aim is to raise €100,000 from the Key Circle membership each year to fund vital areas of our work with families.

Member Insights & Opportunities

  • Updates from the front line
  • Invites to Focus Ireland talks and seminars on homelessness and other social issues
  • The opportunity to visit the project site and meet the front line staff
  •  An invitation to the Key Circle Membership annual gathering at Focus Ireland’s Headquarters
  • Recognition (if desired) in Focus Ireland’s Annual Report

Membership of the Key Circle Makes a Real and Lasting Difference

Key Circle is a community of funders who each invest a minimum of €1,000 per year in Focus Ireland’s evidence based and innovative solutions to homelessness. As a Key Circle member you will gain a unique insight into the work we do and a deeper understanding of the challenges we face.

Key Circle Delivers Critical Services

  • €1,000

provides 10 children with counselling and homework support for 8 weeks helping them to keep up with their peers at school.

  • €1,500

allows us to give up to 30 families living in Bed and Breakfast accommodation a rare day out together during school breaks.

  • €5,000

allows us to work with a family that has just become homeless, providing advice, legal  support, skills and training, temporary accommodation and childcare for 6 months.

  • €15,000

Allows our care workers to support a family with complex needs in Focus Ireland’s highly specialized family facility for a whole year.

Find Out More

Help us protect families from a future of homelessness.

There’s a number of ways to become a member – from annual commitments of €1,000 or more, to regular monthly donations of €85. To find out more just enter your details below and we will be in touch shortly.

Or alternatively contact Aisling at or on 01 8815912.