Sleep-out for one night to change a lifetime

Last year, we helped 500 families to escape homelessness and move into a home of their own, we also helped 300 families from losing their home. That’s 800 families’ whose lives have changed forever; who can now wake up on Sunday morning and cook breakfast together in their own kitchen. That’s amazing. Shine A Light Night played a vital part in achieving this. Thank you to everyone who took part and made a difference to the lives of so many people.

The time has come again to give up your comfort for change, for those in a position of influence to stand together and commit to making a difference in the lives of people who are homeless in Ireland today – and to compel others to do the same.

Since 2012, with your help, Shine A Light Night has raised over 4 Million Euro for people who are experiencing homelessness all over Ireland. In 2018, this support enabled us to help over 15,500 people.

So, will you give one night to change a lifetime?

Challenge Homelessness, Change Lives

In 2018, 89% of every euro received was spent directly on our frontline services to combat and prevent homelessness:

  • 15,500+ people supported who were homeless or at risk;
  • 800+ supported who were families;
  • 6,000 people provided with advice & information;
  • 1,200 households supported out of homelessness.

At Focus Ireland we believe that a place to call home is the most fundamental human right.
That is the core belief that drives everything we do.

You're In Good Company