Women’s Philanthropy Circle

Women’s Philanthropy Circle

A practical and accessible way for professional women to help make a difference in the lives of young people at risk of homelessness.

Join Focus Ireland's Women’s Philanthropy Circle

Make a Lasting Difference

Homelessness robs a young person of their safety, their dignity and their future. We can change that.

Focus Ireland’s Women’s Philanthropy Circle is a unique group of like-minded and dedicated women who have one simple mission – to support innovative and effective solutions that will change the face of youth homelessness in Ireland.

Each member of the Women’s Philanthropy Circle makes a minimum monthly investment of €100, this commitment provides Focus Ireland with a vital foundation upon which we can build effective and lasting solutions to the problem of youth homelessness.

By joining Focus Ireland’s Women’s Philanthropy Circle, you will have the opportunity to pledge your support to help young people aged 16-24 get a better start in life.

The causes and challenges of youth homelessness

Recent research commissioned by Focus Ireland confirms what our staff has long known to be true – homelessness is a generational phenomenon. Once a child or young person has become homeless the chances of them returning to homelessness as an adult increase exponentially. Moreover, the children they raise will also be at constant risk of homelessness.

Becoming homeless is a process and is usually not caused by a single event. There are many reasons why young people become and – in some cases – remain homeless.

Youth services supported by Circle members

Each member of the Women’s Philanthropy Circle makes an annual contribution. This commitment provides Focus Ireland with a vital foundation upon which we can build effective and lasting solutions to the problem of youth homelessness.

Because protecting those young lives is central to solving the problem of long-term homelessness. Part of the solution to homelessness comes from properly addressing the underlying root causes of youth homelessness. The members of the Circle will help address a number of critical areas:

  • Aftercare – Once a child in Ireland turns 18 the state’s responsibility for their safety and security ends. The assistance and funding that keeps approximately 6,500 children a year supported in foster or residential care in Ireland drops away, leaving many at high risk of homelessness. Focus Ireland’s Aftercare programmes are designed to support these vulnerable young people and help them build the resilience and life skills they need to prevent them falling into homelessness.
  • Education – For a young person, remaining in education is one of the most powerful ways they can reach their potential and lower the risk of homelessness. Focus Ireland works with volunteer teachers to provide additional educational and skill development through one to one and group support to those who need it most.
  • Employment – Finding a job is one of the most important measures to prevent homelessness. Youth Employment Focus is a registered recruitment agency, established by Focus Ireland, which matches young people with specific employers and provides a wrap-around service for employers and job seekers.
  • Housing – For many 18-23 year olds it is impossible to find affordable housing. Focus Ireland’s Youth Housing First scheme currently provides secure and supported housing to 26 young people allowing them to complete education, find work and become self-sufficient. This service urgently needs to be expanded to meet the rising demand.

To find out more about the Circle and the impact it’s making, you can contact wpc@focusireland.ie