Thank You

Thank You

“A few weeks ago our home got lost. Thank you for helping us find our new one.”

Thank you for all your help. Your kindness will help to transform so many lives.

When you hear the heartbreaking stories dominating the media about the homelessness crisis, it’s easy to forget that there are many positive stories too.

These are inspirational stories of people who have received support to free themselves from homelessness – this happened because people like you supported our crucial work.

We recently received a lovely note from Allie, an extraordinary 16-year-old – you can read Allie’s note here. In it, she describes so well the difference you make.

These stories are often forgotten. But these are the very people you didn’t forget. You came to their rescue. You supported our crucial work – and so many people were saved from homelessness.

So on behalf of all the people you have helped in such a life-changing way, thank you again so much for all you’ve done.