In Memory Giving

In Memory Giving

Celebrate the life of a loved one by making a special gift in memory of them. Your gesture will make a lasting impact on the work of Focus Ireland and the lives of those experiencing homelessness across the country.

Collections at Funerals or Services

Gathering to celebrate the life of a loved one at a funeral or memorial service is an emotional time, but holding a collection with family and friends is a positive and comforting way to help celebrate their life. If you would like to arrange in memory collection, please email us on or call 01 881 5900.

Donation in lieu of Flowers

If your loved one who has passed doesn’t want flowers or they might have had a keen interest to give back. Requesting donations in lieu of flowers is an amazing way to give back and support people suffering from homelessness. If you would like to request donations to Focus Ireland, please email us on or call 01 881 5900.

Once-Off Donation

You might also wish to make a once-off donation in memory of a loved one. After you make your donation, we will send out a letter of thanks and an in memory card on your behalf to the family or a nominated recipient.

If you would like to give through the in memory ideas above or if you have your own idea, please fill in the form below or email or call the community fundraising team directly on 01 881 5930. 


Any in memory donations can be made online HERE.

Donations can also be made by bank transfer or by cheque to

Focus Ireland,

9-12 High Street,


Dublin 8.