Philanthropic Giving

Philanthropic Giving

Make a major donation and become part of a unique group supporting our work to end homelessness

Philanthropic Giving

Our work is supported by families and individuals who wish to make a positive difference on the landscape of homelessness in Ireland. We know that when our donors make significant gifts that they do so thoughtfully and with real purpose. As with any investment, we work with families and individuals to ensure that their gift has an impact and that we can achieve our goals in solving homelessness.

Whilst there is a belief that gifts should be very large gifts to be philanthropic, at Focus Ireland we work with individuals and families supporting us at various levels in a philanthropic way. Philanthropic gifts strive to be strategic and impactful and we can work with you to achieve this.

A Donor’s Story

“We all have a responsibility to help others. Focus was definitely the way to go.” – Chantal McCabe

Click on the video below to hear how Chantal McCabe supported Focus Ireland to make a bigger difference in the lives of those we work with.


Philanthropic support is central to both the delivery of our services and our advocacy work – ensuring that we can work toward ending homelessness and the inter-generational cycle of homelessness affecting many families in Ireland today.

This is how we achieved impact in 2016. Thanks to gifts from our major donors, Focus Ireland made a difference in the following ways.

Our Strategy

Focus Ireland has an ambitious three year strategy [2017-2020]. With the contribution of philanthropic gifts, we aim to achieve the following.


Sustainable Exits

Home from Home Campaign

The Home from Home campaign, led by Dragon’s Den member Barry O’ Sullivan, raised funds through the auction of his house to support the purchase of homes for Focus Ireland and COPE Galway. He has called on others to do likewise. To learn more please click here.

 Our Mid-Level Giving Circles

Click on the links to learn more about our two mid-level giving circles, the Women’s Philanthropy Circle and the Key Circle.

If you are considering giving a major gift please contact Eilish on 01-881 5908 or to discuss your options.