What is homelessness?

What is homelessness?

Since 2014, the Department of Housing has issued monthly homelessness figures based on the number of people staying in emergency accommodation. These reports are available here. A wider definition of homelessness can be divided into the following:

Visible homelessness: Rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness but most people who are homeless stay in State-funded emergency accommodation (hotels, B&Bs, emergency residential facilities, or hostels). Only people staying in these forms emergency accommodation are included in the monthly figures. The Dublin Region Homeless Executive conducts counts of rough sleepers in Dublin twice a year.

Hidden homelessness:  This is classified by those who are sleeping in insecure accommodation with relatives or friends. This could mean having to sleep on a friend’s sofa or floor just to keep a roof over your head. Young people are particularly at risk of this.

At risk of Homelessness: This includes people who may have housing now but are at risk of losing it due to economic difficulties, leaving State care or losing their tenancy.

You will always find the latest figures here