Tax Reclaim

Tax Reclaim

How to reclaim tax

Focus Ireland can reclaim tax on donations of or more €250 made on or after 1st of January 2013 by individuals, whether self-assessed or PAYE tax payers.


By reclaiming the tax on an annual donation of €250 or more we could receive an additional 44.9 % from Revenue on the amount already donated by you to Focus Ireland. On a gift of €250 this tax reclaim is over €112 and for gifts of more the reclaim value will be even higher. Click here to download your tax form.


(Remember to include the year as the first year in which you donated €250 or more to Focus Ireland.)


All you have to do is fill the blanks on the form then sign and date and return it to us by free post in an envelope to:



Focus Ireland

9-12 High Street

Dublin 8


Wait there’s more… Sign and return once and it lasts for five years!


Due to changes to the tax reclaim system for charities, you can now opt to complete one tax back form (CHY3) which is valid for five years – so no more form filling every year. Don’t worry – this does not mean that you are committed to donating €250 for the next five years, it just cuts administration costs and saves you time.


If you need any assistance with filling the form please call our Donor Care Team on 01-881-5900 or email

To read the full notes from Revenue on CHY3 and charitable tax reclaim information please click here.