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Family Homelessness

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Family homelessness has doubled in less than 3 years

3 families become homeless every day

Homelessness can be harmful to child development:
Lack of privacy
Lack of space to play
Nowhere to bring home friends and socialise
Movement between schools (particularly if frequent)
Lack of quiet space to complete homework

One in ten experiencing homelessness is under 5 years old

Every 8 hours a family becomes homeless in Ireland

"Local and regional studies show that children in homeless settings can experience stress, anxiety and behavioural problems as well as poor health and fatigue. Limited cooking facilities, food storage and limited means may lead to bad nutritional health."

FEANTSA: Family Homelessness

63% of families who become homeless come directly from private rented accommodation

In September we made 1693 emergency bookings for families who had no place to sleep that night

These families have nowhere to go, often until late in the evening, while trying to secure temporary accommodation.

Focus Ireland support families everyday to help them out of homelessness

Our new family centre

provides hot meals and a warm, safe place for children to do their homework, while their parents try to secure accommodation for that night.

Focus Ireland helps 2 families to escape homelessness every single day

Last year Focus Ireland helped 571 families out of homelessness and into a home of their own

Last year Focus Ireland helped to prevent 309 families from losing their home

Stopping families from becoming homeless is vital

Our advice and information support for families around the country, with five regional centres, helps provide the information families need when they are worried that they may lose their home.
We advocate on their behalf with landlords and their regional housing executive to help them access the local services that are available.

watch our video showing a family experience, the story behind the numbers