The Big Busk for Focus Ireland – FAQs


How do I register as a participant in The Big Busk for Focus Ireland?

We’re calling on singers, musicians, performers, and buskers to help raise vital funds for homelessness by performing at nationwide busking events. You can get involved in The Big Busk at one of our busking events, or gather family and friends and organise your own event.

  • Busk with Focus Ireland: join us and perform at one of our busking events in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Waterford. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to be accompanied by an adult.
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  • Organise your own event: Gather your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and community, and busk for Focus Ireland.
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Can I register as part of a group?

Yes, you can register as a group to take part. Select the ‘Group’ form on our sign-up page.


What is the best way to fundraise for The Big Busk for Focus Ireland?

We have prepared lots of useful resources to help you with your fundraising for #TheBigBusk. Download our guides below or e-mail us with any queries:


How do I take donations for The Big Busk event?

  • Busk with Focus Ireland: Members of the public may leave donations in Focus Ireland-branded collection buckets, or choose alternative options provided by Focus Ireland including tap-to-donate, phone call, or website donations. Please note that participants of the Big Busk do not have permission to take donations on the street or outside venues.
  • Organise Your Own Event: You can use Focus Ireland collection boxes (cardboard) at your event, set up your own online fundraising pages on Idonate or encourage your audience to donate through the Focus Ireland website (with options to donate online or by phone). Please note that participants in The Big Busk do not have permission to take donations on the street or outside your chosen venue.

How do I send donations to Focus Ireland?

Please read the fundraising guide which provides options for you to send your donations to Focus Ireland.

*(Link to downloadable PDF)


What is ‘busking’?

Busking is the act of playing music in a public place for voluntary donations. Though the purpose of this campaign focuses on musical performance it does not limit itself to music alone and may incorporate a broader spectrum of performance including dancing, juggling, mime, living statue or puppeteering to name but a few. As of 2020, it also incorporates online performances for voluntary donations.

What type of busking is allowed?

We would like to welcome a variety of acts and performances on the condition that busking activities are safe, accessible, and non-offensive. Busking must cause the minimum disruption to pedestrian traffic, conduct of businesses, community safety and public amenity. We will also not permit the use of animals as part of performances with concern for animal welfare. Please email if you have any queries relating to your act.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline an application if the busking activity is deemed inappropriate.

Where can I busk on Friday 11 March?

  • Busk with Focus Ireland: Choose your local busking venue from Cork (Kent Station), Dublin (Connolly Station), Dublin (Heuston Station), Dublin (Pearse Station), Dublin (Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre), Limerick (Crescent Shopping Centre) or Waterford (John Robert’s Square), and perform at designated busking locations approved by Focus Ireland.
  • Organise Your Own Event: Consider local venues such as schools, community centres, shopping centres, etc. who may be able to host your event. Please ensure that you have the necessary permissions to hold your fundraising event from the owner/management of your chosen venue.

Please ensure that you do not busk in open public spaces i.e., streets, or public parks, as you will require permits to do this.

What happens at The Big Busk for Focus Ireland?

  • Busk with Focus Ireland: Arrive before your performance and check in with Focus Ireland organisers. You will have 30 minutes to perform during a designated time slot between 8am and 8pm on Friday 11 March.
  • Organise your own event: Organise your event to take part alongside busking events across the country on Friday 11 March. Plan the event in as much detail as you can: where will it be, who will be performing, will there be a speech, how will you collect donations etc. Get help from friends, family, and colleagues if you need. This means that things will run smoothly on the day! Enjoy your event and be proud for playing your part to help those experiencing homelessness in Ireland.

Will I be able to connect my equipment to a power supply?

Yes, there will be an electrical power supply via a socket outlet if you wish to bring your own equipment.

If you are organising your own event, please check with the owners or management of your chosen venue.

Do we have to take part on Friday 11 March?

Yes – The Big Busk for Focus Ireland takes place on Friday 11 March, and we are excited about creating a shared experience across the country on the day. Focus Ireland and Today FM will be joined by musicians, artists, performers, and buskers nationwide to send a collective message of hope to people experiencing homelessness.