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The kids are tough.

I just wish they
didn't have to be.


Did you know that more than 10,000 people in Ireland are now using Focus Ireland’s services, and every month – every single month – more than 20 more children are losing their family home through no fault of their own?

These are shocking figures for anyone to try and comprehend, especially in a modern, wealthy country and in spite of the economic upturn that Ireland is apparently enjoying.

We are working to prevent this situation worsening but right now with your help we can do more to ensure that those families who are homeless do not remain homeless for long.

Please help us as generously as you can.


More than 10,000 people used Focus -Ireland services in 2013 – that’s an increase of 25% on 2012.

The numbers sleeping rough on the streets increased by nearly 50% last year.

Currently an average of 16 new families a month are becoming homeless for the very first time and are knocking on the doors of Focus Ireland seeking help.

Today, approximately 20 children a month are losing their family homes.

Yes. Sadly
Homelessness in
Ireland is currently
on the increase.


Patrick's Story

After a period of homelessness Patrick and his family were finally settled into a rented house. Unfortunately Patrick’s landlord decided to sell the house the family were in.

“Two months after we were settled here the landlord had to sell the house. We had been in a hostel and found it very hard, there was no place for the kids to play – we were all in one room. The kids have had to move schools. My eldest is a teenager; she knows it’s not our fault but she said to me, “Dad you don’t know how hard it is to make new friends”. She was trying to study for the junior-cert and I’m trying to keep the other kids quiet.

Dad, you don't know how hard it is to make new friends.

It’s a constant worry having to tell the kids we have to start again. They are tough but I wish they didn’t have to be.

A lot of landlords don’t want rent allowance, they want a deposit and a month’s rent in advance – the rents are going up and the rental allowance is going down. The hostels and shelters are out the door they are so busy.

I need somewhere we can settle in and create a life for myself and my family. I thought we’d be happy here.”

Happily, support from people like you meant that Focus Ireland were able to help Patrick find a new home near his children’s school and the family have started to create a new life for themselves.


Make a Donation

By helping Focus Ireland to tackle the problems of homelessness today you are also helping to alleviate the problems of homelessness in the future.


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Corporate support is a vital part of our fundraising. We work with companies in many different ways, and our aim is to help you deliver your CSR goals. By partnering with us, fundraising, volunteering, or by participating in our events, your company can help Focus Ireland raise much needed funds for people who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes.

Product Promotion

Partnering with Focus Ireland can benefit your community as well as your workforce and can be an innovative way to help launch a new product or add a cause related marketing element to a business campaign. Product promotion ensures that a company enhances brand awareness, often increasing sales while raising vital funds for Focus Ireland. Please contact Kate on 01881 5915 or via email to talk about how Focus Ireland and your company can create a noteworthy CRM campaign.

Sponsorship Opportunities

No matter what your budget, you can get involved in sponsoring a project, in full or in part, for example funding our training and education modules, or childcare places for some of our younger customers. Your direct support helps us develop our services according to the needs of our customers and allows you to talk to your stakeholders about the real impact your company is making in the community.

Alternatively we are always in need of sponsors for our fundraising events. These events provide your organization with the opportunity to leverage publicity, and staff engagement by involving them in the running or participation of these events.

Our highly experienced fundraising, events, marketing and PR teams will work with you to tailor-make a sponsorship opportunity which will meet your objectives and can be integrated into your plans. Call our Corporate Team today on 01881 5915 or email them at to learn more about how your company and Focus Ireland can help change the face of homelessness. 

Employee Fundraising

Encourage your employees to get involved with Focus Ireland by taking on a challenge such as the Four Peaks (link to Four Peaks page), or by hosting an event at your office such as the Grand Bake Fest. We work closely with our partners so that your employees can also donate their time and take part in one of our Volunteer Project days to give something back while enjoying a team day out.

Call Kate on 01 881 5917 to learn more about making a significant impact with Focus Ireland.

We are interested in building long term sustainable partnerships with companies, if you have a CSR programme, select charities of choice, or want to discuss a meaningful partnership with Focus Ireland we want to talk to you.

Please contact our Corporate Team today on 01881 5915 or email them at