Focus on Homelessness

The ‘Focus on Homelessness’ series presents official Government data on homelessness to provide insights into how homelessness has developed since 2014. The series presents the data without comment or analysis, some editions are accompanied by separate blog posts which set out an interpretation of the data.

Core Editions – which set out 17 dimensions of homelessness on a quarterly basis. Each Core Edition incorporates and supersedes the previous edition.
The most recent core edition summarises all data until April 2021: Significant Developments in Homelessness 2014–2021.

Special Editions, which look at one specific dimension of homelessness in detail. The Special Editions to date have dealt with

Public Expenditure on Services for Households Experiencing Homelessness June 2020. The blog linked to this edition is here

Single Adult Homelessness March 2021.

Gender and Homelessness March 2021

Coming shortly: data on of patterns of homelessness in each of the 9 local authority regions.

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Focus on Homelessness

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