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“Having a home of our own has changed everything. The kids are doing so much better at school. I’m even going back to college soon. I’ve decided I want to train to be a support worker. Because I have seen how much they can do.

For families like mine you are the last hope. And when you are homeless you cling to that hope every day.”


Laura, Focus Ireland Customer

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Why donate regularly?

Your ongoing donations can help provide the long-term ongoing support that families need to help rebuild their lives. Your support can also help provide continued advice to parents and children navigating their way through a very difficult stage in life.

This is how your regular gift supports families experiencing homelessness

Focus Ireland supporters have helped hundreds of people move out of homelessness and into a home of their own. When you sign up we will send you special updates on how you are helping.

Door-to-Door fundraising


You may have seen our fundraising team calling door-to-door in your area, but want to make sure it’s us? Contact us on 018815900 or email us at

If you have any concerns, please contact us on 018815900 or email us at Thank you.

Members of the Focus Ireland door to door fundraising team stand together smiling. They are all wearing yellow Focus Ireland Jackets.