Our History

Focus Ireland was founded by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy as a result of the finding of research into the needs of women experiencing homelessness in Dublin.

Sr. Stan was involved in a research project into the lives of women experiencing homelessness in Dublin, when she realised the importance of involving people, who are, or have been directly affected by homelessness, in the development of homelessness services.

In 1985, two years after the initial research Focus Point (now Focus Ireland) opened its doors in Eustace Street, Dublin. The organisation provided streetwork services to young people, advice, advocacy, information and help with finding a home as well as a warm welcoming place to meet and have a low-cost meal.

Since its foundation Focus Ireland has continued to grow and its research and advocacy work ensures that the rights of people who are homeless remain on the political agenda. In addition to its Dublin projects, it now has services and housing projects across Ireland including in Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork, Sligo and Limerick.

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Transparency and Accountability

A voluntary Board of Directors steers the governance of Focus Ireland.

The board members also take an active role in fundraising and contribute to the areas of the organisation in which they have the most expertise. You can view our Board members on our Meet The Team page.

The salaries for our Executive Staff are independently benchmarked on a regular basis to establish an appropriate range of pay for the level of responsibility held.

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Annual Reports

In our Annual Reports you’ll find details on our structure, activities and accounts for that year. You can view or download Focus Ireland’s Annual Reports since 2010 on our Reports & Publications page.

Our Values

Values inform our actions and practice and are a reference point to check that our own attitudes and behaviour and that of our team are aligned with the ethos of the organisation.

Values should make it clear what is expected of both leaders and employees in the organisation. The expectation is that for every employee the values of Focus Ireland are reflected in work practice, written documentation and in our relationships with each other, with customers and tenants, volunteers, partners, donors and funders and the wider public.

Focus Ireland’s models of service provision are dictated by the needs of our customers. Therefore the quality of services delivery is equally as important as the kind of services we provide. These values underpin our behaviour and attitudes in the provision of service to all stakeholders.

Of the nine values identified in the organisation, the three values of Respect, Safety and Quality are closely integrated and have been identified as the primary values which are core to the other values of Accessibility, Partnership, Integration, Advocacy, Empowerment and Stewardship. To read more about each of these, click on the links below:

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Respect is about treating individuals equally and in a professional manner.  Respect embraces the concepts of justice, fairness, equality and dignity.  It upholds the human right and the diversity of all stakeholders. Respect demands honesty and clarity in our interactions with each other, with customers and with all stakeholders.


Safety is about providing a safe environment in which all stakeholders can feel safe and secure and welcomed in Focus Ireland.  All employees have a responsibility to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of others. Safety is achieved in attending to the physical environment of all stakeholders and in engaging in a professional manner with people who are feeling vulnerable or who are behaving in ways that are unsafe for themselves and others.


Quality is about ensuring we provide customer driven services that are professional, appropriate and addressing customer needs.  We aim to provide a high standard of quality services designed using knowledge of best practice, research, and policy and customer feedback.  Our standards are measurable both internally and externally and they comply with all statutory standards and regulations.


Accessibility is about facilitating access to relevant services for all customers in a practical and transparent manner.  We aim for clarity, simplicity and minimal bureaucracy in our systems of engagement and access. The services we provide will be flexible in accommodating the changing needs of customers and tenants.  We accept the need for review and change over time and we are committed to engage in consultation so that opinions of all stakeholders are heard.


Partnership is about partnering and cooperating with customers and with other organisations both voluntary and statutory in order to achieve our goal of preventing people becoming, remaining or returning to homelessness.  Engaging in partnership processes both internally and externally enhances Focus Ireland’s capacity to deliver quality services and we recognise the contribution of different parties in working to a shared agenda with mutual benefits and responsibilities.


Integration is about providing adequate resources and responses to facilitate our customer’s integration into society. Integration is about the ultimate goal of our work – that our customers should be fully integrated into the fabric of society so that they can lead independent and fulfilling lives.


Advocacy is about how we advocate on behalf of customers to ensure that appropriate services and housing are provided by networking and partnering with voluntary, statutory and community organisations.


Empowerment is about enabling customers and employees take initiative and make positive and informed choices.
We are committed to assisting customers in managing their own lives so they can establish new relationships, build their self-esteem and confidence, make independent decisions and decrease their dependence on other people and organisations.  We are committed to employees to provide relevant information, supervision and training to support them in making their decisions about their career and practice.


Stewardship is about ensuring that we as employees are accountable and transparent in all our activities.  We have quality procedures, policies and governance in place for all aspects of our work to ensure that we act in ways that ensure resources are appropriately used in the service of customers.  We accept we are individually and organisationally accountable to all stakeholders and we are committed to behaving honestly and transparently in all our interactions and to seeking to achieve a high standard of work at all times.