Our values

Our values inform our actions and help us ensure our attitudes and behaviour reflect the ethos of the organisation.

Our expectation for every employee is that Focus Ireland’s values are reflected in our work, our communications and in our relationships – with each other, and with customers and tenants, volunteers, partners, donors and funders, and the wider public.

Our customers’ needs shape the services we provide. The quality of services delivery is equally as important as the kind of services we provide. These values underpin our behaviour and attitudes in the provision of service to all stakeholders.

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Focus Ireland works to achieve: a positive experience for customers that underpins self-confidence, self-worth, healing and a sense of safety; and a workplace that is equality-focused, welcoming, and supportive.

Focus Ireland ensures equal treatment of customers and staff; offers services that are trauma-informed; and supports customers and staff to develop and reach their full potential.  

In Focus Ireland our interactions and practice are characterised by listening, understanding, empathy, kindness, respect for diversity, inclusion, trust and honesty. 


Focus Ireland continually seeks new and better ways to respond to customer needs and to achieve a high-performance workplace; works to meet ambitious targets in our services and in our investment in staff; pursues coordination and partnerships with other stakeholders to strengthen responses to homelessness; and ensures infrastructure and operations are environmentally sustainable and respect the imperatives of climate justice.

In Focus Ireland we engage in solution-focused, cooperative, flexible, transparent, and accountable ways of working, based on reflection and feedback

Social Justice

Focus Ireland works to: advance equality of outcome for individual customers, and social change on the issue of homelessness; ensure appropriate responses to the needs arising from the diversity of our customers; and sustain a workplace that is diverse and equality-focused.

Focus Ireland pursues individual advocacy that is customer-centred, and social change that is attentive to the diverse experience and needs of those exposed to homelessness; advocates for policy that addresses the structural causes of homelessness; and promotes an accessible and inclusive workplace.

In Focus Ireland we work out of a shared understanding and commitment to address structural inequalities and the structural causes of homelessness.


Focus Ireland supports customers to live as independently as possible, with appropriate support if needed, managing and taking back control of their lives; and enables staff to grow.

Focus Ireland: encourages and enables customers to be self-sufficient, make informed choices, and self-identify their desired goals in a context of experiences of significant disempowerment; collaborates with customers as partners and active participants; and equips staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to take initiative and have autonomy to drive and shape their role.  

In Focus Ireland we engage in collective problem-solving and learning, mutual support, and supportive line management; and acknowledge power differentials and are customer-centred.