You can transform the lives of families facing homelessness by leaving a gift in your will.

Every year, compassionate and thoughtful people like you leave the gift of a legacy to Focus Ireland in their will.

These extraordinary gifts secure the future of critical services needed by families, children, and young people who are at risk of homelessness.

Your pledge will ensure that your values of humanity, integrity, and compassion live on in the care that each family, child, and young person receives.

The promise of a gift in your will is the most meaningful and impactful way of making a lasting difference in communities across Ireland.

Please contact our dedicated Philanthropy Manager, Robyn Ní Chasarlaigh, for further information about  the ways you make a difference.


See why people commit to leaving a legacy gift to Focus Ireland

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“I was someone who needed help over two decades ago. All the problems just hit at the same time. Suddenly – I was in total shock – my two kids and me had nowhere to go. I had never thought I’d be someone without a home. Focus Ireland was there for us. The right place, the right people, the right time. I’ll never forget what they did. They saved our lives. Today my son is in college and my daughter is working. That’s why I’m determined to leave something in my will for future generations like me.”

Finally, I felt I could offer people something.

There will always be people who need our help.

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By promising to leave a gift in your will, you can join a community of supporters securing the future of the life-changing work started by Sr. Stan over 35 years ago.

Her passion and fight for justice still drive our work today.



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