How does it work?

You can help increase the value of your gift – at no extra cost to you.

With the Government-approved tax back scheme, Focus Ireland can reclaim up to 44.9% in tax from Revenue on donations of €250 or more made by individuals. All you, the donor, needs to do is sign and return a CHY3 tax back form.

The CHY3 form is valid for 5 years but this does not commit you to making any payments – it simply enables us to claim tax back on your donations for any years in which your donations total €250 or more.

This opportunity is available to all taxpayers, including the self-employed. It will cost you nothing, but the difference those extra funds will make to families in need is invaluable.

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What do I need to do?

The CHY3 form is available here. You can fill in your details and then print off to add your signature.

Once completed, you can return it to us at:

Focus Ireland
9-12 High Street
Dublin 8
D08 E1WO

If you need any assistance with filling the form please call our Donor Care Team on 01 881 5900, or email

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Frequently asked questions

Does signing an Enduring Certificate (CHY3) commit me to paying a fixed amount to Focus Ireland?

No, the Enduring Certificate is not a commitment on your part to pay anything at all – it simply enables Focus Ireland to claim tax relief if you donate €250 or more in any of the five years covered by the form.

How much will my donation be worth?

Your donation will be worth an additional 44.9%. So if you donate €250, we can claim €112.33 tax back from revenue – meaning your original donation would be worth €362.33 to Focus Ireland.

Do all my donations qualify?

We can only claim tax back on donations which come from you personally. You also must have donated €250 or more to Focus Ireland within one year, in the last four years.
This can include one-off donations or through instalments such as a regular gift.

What does associated mean?

Do not tick the box for “associated with approved body” unless you are an employee of Focus Ireland or member of the board of management in the year your donation was made.

What if I’m not employed or have a pension?

If you have a pension, investments or any other means on which you pay either income tax or capital gains tax, that is also eligible for tax relief.

I’m not a taxpayer but my spouse is – can my donations still be tax-effective?

Yes, if you are jointly assessed as a couple by Revenue.

I don’t like revealing my tax details. Will this information remain confidential?

Yes, your details will remain completely confidential to Focus Ireland and the Revenue Commissioners. The information will not be used for anything other than the tax claim.
You don’t need to tell Focus Ireland how much tax you pay – under the new system, we don’t even need to know whether you are PAYE or self-assessed or what tax rate you pay.

Further Information

To read the full notes from Revenue on CHY3 and charitable tax reclaim information, please click the button below.