By becoming a member of Focus Ireland’s Women’s Philanthropy Circle, you will help young people aged 16-26 get a better start in life.

As a member you’ll get:

  • Unique insight into the innovative programmes that are preventing young people from becoming homeless
  • The chance to meet the people working on the front-line to end youth homelessness
  • The opportunity to attend our Breakfast Series events and engage in site visits.

By becoming a member of the Women’s Philanthropy Circle you are making a vital intervention in the lives of vulnerable young people.

  • You’re helping young people find a safe place to live.
  • You’re helping young people pursue their education.
  • You’re helping young people find employment.
  • You’re helping young people feel safe, sometimes for the first time in their lives, now that they have someone standing by their side when they need it most.

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