Extension Service

The Extension Service is a service for young people (aged 18-26) experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. As a youth service, we aim to create a welcoming youth-appropriate space where young people can access individual support, engage in programmes focused on their holistic wellbeing, and have fun through youth-work activities.


In addition, we provide advice, information, and training for youth services, education and training bodies, and community support services regarding how to respond to, or prevent, youth homelessness.

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If You Require Immediate Help

Our Services

What We Provide at our Extension Service

  • The daily drop-in service is a safe, dedicated, quality meeting space for young people. The daily drop-in service provides access to showers and laundry facilities.
Key Working
  • Individual key working support, with a client-centred approach, is provided to customers. This can include: support planning, housing or accommodation advice, and information on, or referrals to, other relevant services.
Group Work Programme
  • In-house group work programmes covering areas such as health and wellbeing, and independent life skills development are delivered weekly. The calendar of programmes is designed in collaboration with our customers, ensuring that your voice is heard in your service.
  • Weekly on-site and off-site recreational activities form part of the service’s programme calendar, which is developed in partnership with our customers.
  • The Outreach team are available in Dublin city centre from Monday to Friday, offering support to young people aged 18-26 who are rough sleeping or staying in emergency accommodation in Dublin city centre.
Mobile health Clinic
  • An on-site SafetyNet youth health clinic is available for all your health needs. Please contact the service to book an appointment.