Focus Ireland Family Homeless Action Team

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Focus Ireland’s Family Homeless Action Team works on the frontline, inside emergency accommodations and family hubs giving families the immediate and practical help they need from the moment they are made homeless.


The Homeless Action Plan follows three simple, yet effective steps:

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Step 1: Immediate Aid

Our experienced case managers will reach out to the family to assess their needs and offer them whatever immediate practical support they need.

Step 2: Ongoing Practical Support

Many families will be forced to spend months, even years, in homelessness. So, the Family Homeless Action Team is designed to provide them with the constant and practical support they and their children will need to cope.

Step 3: Moving On

From the moment they are made homeless, the Family Homeless Action Team helps families put in place a practical and effective plan to exit homelessness as soon as possible.

Most importantly, the Family Homeless Action Team continues to work with and support families long after they have been housed – to ensure that their home is secure and preventing them from being drawn back into a cycle of homelessness.

You are an integral part of the Family Homeless Action Team. Your support is fighting homelessness in three simple and effective steps.


Please support families experiencing homelessness by donating today. Your support is more important than you will ever know.

€40 can help provide a family with their first vital support session.

€70 can provide a vulnerable child with a week of one-to-one support.

€125 can provide day-to-day case management support for a family and their children for a month