Children like Hollie cannot wait for the growing homelessness crisis to end.

On the day we had to leave our home, Hollie was distraught. She had to leave behind half of her things. Her clothes. Her toys. Her books.”

Orla, Hollie’s mum.  

Read more about Hollie and her family’s story below. 

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Help protect families in homelessness

Hollie, her parents and her baby sister were made homeless a little over 10 months ago when they were forced to leave their home of 11 years after their landlord sold the property. They are currently living in an emergency accommodation hotel, miles away from Hollie’s school and her friends. 

Orla, Hollie’s mum, describes being made homeless as the most traumatic experience of her life. She is still trying to cope with the aftermath. But as she says herself, she is an adult. Hollie is just a child. 

Homelessness is hell. That’s the only word I can think of. It’s just constant worry and stress. We live on top of each other. You spend your day in playgrounds just to avoid coming back here.”- Orla 

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Thanks to the support of kind people like you, Focus Ireland’s Family Homeless Action team has been working with Hollie’s family from the moment they arrived in emergency accommodation.

 Please help us give more families like Hollie’s the practical and effective support they need. 

All across the country, throughout our services and centres, we are seeing a substantial rise in the number of families being made homeless and an increase in the length of time some families are being forced to remain in emergency accommodation. 

These families cannot wait for long-term housing solutions. They need our help now. And you have a critical role to play. 

Because the more people that stand with us and the more funds we raise, the more people we can reach, the more children we can protect and the more families we can help find a safe and secure home. 

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