Help protect families in homelessness

‘’We were homeless for nearly two years. It was torture. But we’re the lucky ones’’  

This a quote from Deirdre, who is sharing her personal story below.  

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Cost-Of-Living Crisis Appeal

Help protect families in homelessness

Deirdre and her family have been made homeless twice in the last three years through no fault of their own. Each time it was because their landlord decided to sell. But Deirdre thinks she is lucky. She knows how difficult it has now become for families like hers to find a home.  

“Imagine if it was this year that I was being made homeless? The hostels are full, there’s waiting lists for the emergency accommodations.’’ 

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This is how you can help us protect families from the impending flood of homelessness.

€40 could help provide a family with time-critical support once they become homeless

€70 could help give a vulnerable child a week of one-to-one specialised support from an expert Child Support Worker.

€125 could help provide a family with ongoing breakthrough support to achieve full and lasting independence

Your support is one of the few things that is actively helping families to escape homelessness – every single day.

Please help protect more families at risk, before they become trapped in a never ending spiral of homelessness.

Deirdre’s story is a perfect example of what is happening right now to hundreds of families all over Ireland. But even though she and her partner have steady incomes, they suddenly became homeless when the landlord decided to sell their home. That was three years ago, and in that time she feels she has been to hell and back.  

For families in homelessness, it is a perfect storm. We have to act now. That is why Focus Ireland is set to establish a specialist team, whose sole focus will be to provide families trapped in homelessness with the immediate practical and emotional support they need to survive. But we can only do that with your help. 

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