December Lunchtime Talk

Monday 5th of December

December Lunchtime Talk- Evaluation of the Focus Ireland Shielding Service

Date: Wednesday 14th of December

Time: 1pm

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The Focus Ireland Shielding Service operated from April 2020 to May 2022 from two separate buildings in the south inner city providing a total of 15 self-contained units. 18 staff provided 24/7 on-site support to 36 residents. The main aim of the Shielding Service was initially to keep medically vulnerable and marginalised homeless persons safe from contracting COVID-19, whilst also providing health and drug services directly to residents, through interagency coordination. Over time, staff began to formally provide keyworking and case management support and worked with residents on their physical health and medical issues, mental health needs, drug and alcohol use, and housing needs.

The primary objectives of the evaluation were to explore the views of staff and key stakeholders on the design and delivery of the Focus Ireland Shielding Service, with particular attention to the mechanisms and effectiveness of service coordination; to explore the views and experiences of former residents of the Shielding Service; and to reflect on key learnings and recommendations which might be applied to similar services or partnership initiatives in the future.


Dr Sarah Sheridan, Independent Researcher

Dr Sarah Sheridan is an Independent Researcher with a particular expertise in homelessness, housing, equality and related topics. She is also a visiting research fellow and lecturer in the School of Social Work and Social Policy in Trinity College Dublin. Previously she worked in research management roles in the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and Focus Ireland. She is currently a Board Member of Threshold.