March Lunchtime Talk

Friday 25th of February

March Lunchtime Talk- “On-Street Food Services in Dublin: A Review

Date: Wednesday 23rd of March

Time: 1pm

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This review was commissioned by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive to review the operation of on-street services in Dublin. These services have become established in the last five years and operate on the main streets of the city, providing food, toiletries, and clothes to people who are homeless. The purpose of the review was to improve knowledge and understanding of the operation, motivation, and impact of the services in order to inform deliberations about their future operation. It was based on consultation with homeless services, officials, policy makers, regulators, businesses, and residents of private emergency accommodation. Four on-street services also participated in the review.

Mary Higgins, Independent Research Consultant
Mary has extensive experience in the delivery, design and management of services for groups who are socially disadvantaged and has particular experience in the area of homelessness. She was a founder member of the National Campaign for the Homeless in 1984, Director of Threshold in the early 1990s and first Director of the Homeless Initiative and Homeless Agency between 1996 and 2005. She currently works as an independent consultant to public and voluntary organisations, specialising in strategic and implementation planning, stakeholder engagement and evaluation of organisation processes and impact. standards among renters into the future.