Peer Research Guidebook Launch

Tuesday 12th of April

‘Peer Research in Housing and Homelessness: A Guidebook for Organisations, Researchers and Funders’

Date: Wednesday 27th April

Time: 11am

Meeting Registration – Zoom

Peer research has emerged as a popular method of participatory social research. Broadly speaking, it is research that is done by people with lived experience of the issue being studied, in collaboration with professional researchers. In 2014 Focus Ireland established a programme of peer research and currently employs a small team of peer researchers to work on specific parts of its research programme. With the support of The Housing Agency, this guidebook was produced by a team of professional researchers and peer researchers at Focus Ireland. The aim of the guidebook is to impart the learnings gained from eight years of Focus Ireland’s peer research programme. It is written for organisations, researchers and funders who are considering a research project that would use the skills and experience of peer researchers, but who might be unsure of the value of this methodology and the practical things to be considered.


Daniel Hoey, Research Manager, Focus Ireland

Paul Haughan, Peer Researcher, Focus Ireland

Kathleena Twomey, Peer Researcher, Focus Ireland