Your Legacy - a promise you can keep forever

Your Legacy - a promise you can keep forever

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Your legacy of loving homes

A simple inspiring gift - modest or large - in your will could change the lives of families facing homelessness and continue the legacy of care and dedication that Sr Stanislaus Kennedy began.

What do you want for your legacy?

Once you’ve taken care of family and friends in your will, you can leave a truly memorable and inspiring legacy – a modest or large gift – that will keep on giving and changing lives of generations of vulnerable families and individuals facing homelessness.

Find out in our Legacy Booklet why so many Irish people – with years of living still to do – are now planning to give well beyond their lifetime. And how, inspired by the vision and passion of Sr. Stan, our founder, many people are choosing to leave a loving gift in their will to support people who are homeless to find refuge, security and a place they can call home.


It’s so easy to leave a gift in your will – 3 simple ways

  1. Make a gift of a specific sum- Remember, any amount – whatever you can afford after family and friends are taken care of is priceless in the battle to fight homelessness.
  2. Leave part of your estate- This is a share of your estate that hasn’t been promised to family or friends. These kinds of gifts are enormously valuable in supporting our work.
  3. Donate a particular gift or item- This is where you generously select a specific item of value like stocks, shares, jewelry, property, the proceeds of a life assurance policy or other valuable items.

Talk to your solicitor about leaving a gift in your will – or changing your will if you’ve already made one.

Click to find out more information in our Legacy brochure.