Ideas for schools

Ideas for schools

Here is some handy advice on running your own event at school

Have you ever come back from a holiday and no matter how great it was, felt so excited to be home? Have you run around examining every cranny of your house, checked out your bedroom, said hi to all the pets? There’s nothing like that feeling of coming home, is there?
Well, if you’ve read the information on our website, and in particular our modules for secondary schools, you’ll have learned there are loads of kids and parents in Ireland who don’t get to feel this way. Because they don’t have a home.

How you and your school can help young people who are homeless

Would you and your school like to help other children and young people who don’t have a home? We have put together loads of great fundraising ideas to inspire you. You could adapt one of these ideas to suit you or your school, or come up with your own fundraising project.
Make sure to get your teachers on your side and that your school’s insurance will cover all your activities. Your parent or teacher will need to complete one of our event forms on your behalf. E-mail, or call one of the Focus Ireland Events team at 01-881-5900 to request the form. Once we have received your form we will be in touch to help you start planning your great fundraising event. We have idea to help you get started and we can provide you with sponsor forms, collection buckets, stickers and other materials.

Best of luck!

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