Set up your own event

How to create an event

Here is some handy advice on running your own event

From a couple of friends to a whole community, local Christmas fundraising initiatives for Focus Ireland raise vital funds to help people who are homeless in their areas.

Download our Community Fundraising Guide and Christmas Fundraising Ideas which are full of helpful tips and advice and lots of fundraising ideas to get you started.
Here is some handy advice on running your own event, before you start:

1. Don’t go it alone
Gather a group of friends or colleagues who can form the basis of an organising committee.

2. Decide What you Want to Do
Look at our Fundraising Ideas and decide what would appeal most to the people you and the committee know. If your buddies are out in the hills every weekend, maybe a sponsored climb would be more appealing than an expensive black-tie benefit. But if they’re all party animals, a cycle ride might not be the way to go!
Rule No. 1: You should be able to name at least 50% of people who you know will take part in/attend the event before you start. Remember, advertising does not sell tickets, even a great idea does not sell tickets. Only people sell tickets.

3. Set a Budget and Goals
Draw up a budget and goals for the event, including gross and net income, number of tickets to be sold, number of raffle prizes to be obtained, etc. Think how much you wish to raise for the charity; ideally your costs should not be more than 50% of what you raise. Think about how you will deal with deposits and up front costs if you will not receive revenue until later – perhaps you could have an ‘early-bird’ ticket price to encourage people to buy early, or perhaps you need a sponsor.
Decide how many people you aim to attend (remember rule no. 1) and how much you can sell tickets for (or how much you’ll expect them to raise). Are there other ways you can raise income, eg. by adding a raffle or auction, or by asking companies or friends to provide cash sponsorship? Then list all the expenses you can think of; rental of a location, invitation/ticket printing, food and drink (including corkage), insurance, flowers, band/disco, transport, etc.

4. Contact Focus Ireland
Contact Focus Ireland for tips on how to organise a successful and fun fundraising event and to obtain an Event Authorisation Form.

5. Draw up a Plan of Action
Draw up a plan of action with action items, a deadline for each action, and a person assigned to each action.

6. Anticipate the Worst
Think about what could go wrong and have contingency plans

7. During the event
Plan the event in as much detail as you can, will you need volunteers from the committee to take tickets, sell raffle tickets, make a speech etc? Will you need people to help clean up? This means that things will run smoothly on the night!

8. After the event
How are you going to look after the money you raise and get it to Focus Ireland? (Cheque or bank draft, Safe/Cash Box, Bank Account?)
Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped. A phone call is nice, a personal note even better. Please pass on the details of anyone who has helped and donated to us so that we may thank them also.

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If you have any questions or queries about setting up your own event, please don’t hesitate to phone 01 881 5900 or by email