Causes of Homelessness

Causes of Homelessness

Structural factors

  • Such as lack of affordable housing, unemployment, poverty, inadequate mental health services
  • The current rise in family homelessness is driven primarily by dynamics in the housing market. According to Focus Ireland research, most families becoming homeless were renting their last stable home and were pushed out because of reasons such as high rents, landlords selling up or being repossessed, shortage of properties to rent and lack of properties accepting rent supplement.

Personal factors

  • Such as addictions, mental illness, family or relationship breakdown
  • When people have dealt with personal factors such as those mentioned, it is important to remember that we should see the person first, not the problem. Homelessness is wrong and adequate services and supports should be in place to support people who are vulnerable to becoming homeless due to the reasons mentioned.

If you are interested in receiving a school talk to find out more about the causes of homelessness and what Focus Ireland does to tackle these, you can find more information here