My son was born into homelessness. No child should start their life like that. Will you add your name now and stand with families like mine?

My name is Laura. For two years, my family was homeless – five of us living in one small emergency accommodation hotel room.

Every day was terrible. But it was the kids who suffered most.

My daughter got very quiet and stopped eating. My oldest son, Jack, was only 8 but he started getting into fights in school – he was so angry all the time.

When Seán was born, things became even more difficult. We didn’t have any cooking facilities, not even a microwave. I had to heat his bottle in the kettle. When he got a bit bigger, there was no space for him to learn to crawl properly.

Thanks to Focus Ireland, we found a safe and secure home. But thousands of other families are still living in homelessness – facing the same fear and anxiety for their children’s future.

Please add your name now to stand with families like mine and make sure no other family has to go through what we did >>


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