Focus Ireland announces it delivered 145 Homes This Year As it Reports On Progress of New 31 Bed Development in Dublin City Centre

Focus Ireland announced today that it has added 145 units to its housing stock this year as it commits to doubling the number of homes provide over the next five years.

These have provided 145 households including couples, families and individuals a place to call home this New Year.

The new homes have been provided under the charity’s strategy target to provide 600 more homes by 2020 to help tackle the growing homeless crisis.

The charity announced the figures as it also reported on the progress of a new development which will deliver 31 homes in Dublin City Centre in 2018.

The homes will be most welcome when they are completed in November as a record number of nearly 9,000 people are now homeless in Ireland.

Building works at what will eventually be a 31 unit building at John’s Lane West located just off Thomas Street are ongoing.

The residential apartment complex will include one, two and three bed apartments as Focus Ireland continues to deliver on permanent housing solutions.

Work began on July 10, and since then the progress has been rapid, with the basement floor complete, and ground floor works ongoing.

“The contractor has now completed the initial works in the basement area, and the first delivery of pre cast concrete arrived on-site two weeks ago so we are well on schedule”, explained Focus Ireland’s Pat Dennigan.

Mr. Dennigan said: “I am proud to say we delivered 145 new homes this year, by the end of 2017 Focus Ireland owned or managed a total of 965 housing units for people who were homeless or at risk.”

Mr. Dennigan outlined: “We are committed to working with the State to tackle and prevent homelessness. We firmly believe that homelessness is wrong. Focus Ireland maintains that there needs to be a firm shift away from managing the issue of homelessness towards ending the crisis.  We are playing our part by delivering these homes with the support of the State.”

The shift from “managing homelessness” towards ending the crisis is vital as no emergency accommodation will ever replace a place to call home.  There are 3,333 children homeless and we need them to be back in homes as soon as possible.  No stone must be left unturned to achieve this.

The John’s Lane West site was previously used by Focus Ireland services, and used as an emergency accommodation up until two years ago. Focus Ireland received some criticism when the emergency accommodation was closed to make way for development, but our plan was always to deliver permanent homes.

“It will be great when the first individuals and families move in to their homes here at John’s Lane West in 2018 and can leave homelessness behind.  We will have delivered 280 homes in two years and now provide 965 homes nationwide.”

The visible works on site will accelerate in early 2018 as the above podium progresses, completion of internal fit-out, finishes, fixtures and furniture prior to completion later next year.

The John’s Lane West development is made possible thanks to a combination of Department of Housing support, commercial borrowings and donated funds.

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