Focus Ireland launches its Review of 2018

Focus Ireland today launched its Review of 2018, and as 2019 looms with 9,968 people homeless across the country Focus Ireland is urging more action from the government.

Focus Ireland Advocacy Manager Roughan MacNamara said:

“It is clear that Rebuilding Ireland is not working, there is a massive over-reliance on using the private rented market, and not the building of social housing. Yes, there is good work being done, but this New Year’s eve there are 9,968 men, women and children homeless across Ireland.”

2018 will see Focus Ireland work with over 15,000 people. Across Ireland 2018 has proven to be an even more difficult year for those experiencing homelessness. This year is seeing the largest ever increase in family homelessness. While a significant number of individuals and families have been supported to move on from homelessness, there have been a number of challenges that has seen homelessness increase again this year to new record highs these have included:

• A reduction in allocations by some Local Authorities
• The continuing housing crisis has led to increasing tightening of the private rental market. This has made securing move-on more and more difficult as the year has progressed.
• The number of families entering homelessness increased. In the Dublin Region where we have the most comprehensive data the number of families entering homelessness shown to have increased for the 6th year in a row.
• While the majority of those in emergency accommodation are in the Dublin Region (67%) 2018 has seen homelessness and in particular family homelessness in the rest of Ireland grows to unprecedented levels.

To read the Focus Ireland Review of 2018, click here.

Media contact: Roughan MacNamara 0864680442

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