Business woman Norah has written to many well-known people across all sectors asking for them to share the video & call for action to end the crisis

Norah Casey has teamed up with Focus Ireland to help launch this new video which aims to highlight the deepening family homelessness crisis.

Norah has been a long-time supporter of Focus Ireland and the business woman shared the charity’s video called Moving Day on her own social media pages to build support for more action to help over 1,753 families and 3,829 children who are homeless nationwide.

Many well-known celebrities have supported Focus Ireland with this hard-hitting initiative, including broadcasters Tara Flynn and Maia Dunphy.

When Maia Dunphy tweeted her support for Focus Ireland, she tagged both An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy as she endorsed the message behind the video.

Maia Dunphy tweeted: “Please watch and share. There is so much more our government could and should be doing. Heartbreaking. Boarded up houses left to rot, rebuilding and renovation too slow, social housing too heavily reliant on private rental sector (and private renting still not adequately regulated), mortgages sold to vulture funds.”

Focus Ireland works hard in partnership with the State and manages to house one or two families a day helping them to leave homelessness behind.  However, up to four other families become homeless each day so the crisis continues to deepen.

Norah Casey is also writing to many well-known people from all sectors right across Ireland asking them to also share the hard hitting Moving Day video to help show the terrible impact homelessness has at a very human level on one family.

Norah wrote in her letter: “As you may know I am passionate supporter and advocate of Focus Ireland and their work in ending homelessness and supporting people out of homelessness, for good. Their work is based on long term solutions – preventing people from ever becoming homeless, moving people out of homelessness, and reducing the trauma for people who do experience homelessness.“

“I am working with Focus Ireland to highlight the real life stories of the families behind the numbers, which we now hear so much about. They’ve made a short video about one family’s journey. There are so many families, every day who face this reality; it’s time we heard their voices.

“I am asking you to support this video about the Mums, Dads, and kids faced with the trauma of losing their home.  I am sharing this on my social media accounts and I hope you’ll do the same.  Focus Ireland has posted the video on its Facebook and Twitter channels and people can share the video post or post to their own accounts from this YouTube link.

Norah’s appeal concludes: “Help me spread the word, tell the world what you think or how you feel about the situation for these families, and stand is solidarity with them by helping to tell their story. “

Meanwhile, Focus Ireland Digital Manager Aoife Cooney said:

“We would really like to thank Norah Casey for her amazing support of our work once again.  Focus Ireland made this new video as part of our ongoing work to aim to connect with people in a different way to make them think a bit more about the family homelessness crisis and the terrible impact it is having on children especially.”

She added;

“We know it is possible to end homelessness as Focus Ireland manages to end it every day for at least one or two families. However, more needs to be done to stop the constant flow of up to four families losing their homes and entering homelessness each day.

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