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Focus Ireland Press Releases provide the very latest information issued to media outlets.
Our most up-to-date releases in relation to homelessness and housing can be viewed below.


Focus Ireland launch new Sligo Office on Wine Street with charity founder Sr Stan and CEO Pat Dennigan

Focus Ireland Founder and Life President Sr Stan and CEO Pat Dennigan will this morning officially launched Focus Ireland’s new Sligo Office on Wine street. Focus Ireland Sligo have been providing homeless...


Almost 40,000 adults experienced homelessness in Ireland since 2014 while most of €1bn expenditure went on ‘passive’ emergency shelter.

Over 38,000 adults experienced homelessness since 2014 according to new research published by Focus Ireland and the School of Social Work and Social Policy in Trinity College today (Wednesday 23rd June 2021.) The...


As homeless numbers rise as lockdown eases Focus Ireland says new Government strategy must deliver policy shift required to end crisis & fix Ireland’s broken housing system

Figures published today by the Department of Housing show the number of people who are homeless in April rose by 22 to 8,082 compared to 8,060 in the previous month. There was also a rise in the number...


Focus Ireland’s #FocusOnFamilies Campaign Calls for Specific Govt Strategy to Tackle Family Homelessness

Focus Ireland is concerned that the family homelessness crisis will deepen as the eviction ban ends. Focus Ireland launched a new #FocusOnFamilies campaign today which is calling for the Government to develop a specific strategy to...


Focus Ireland present #EndHomelessness petition to three Government parties calling on a target date to the end the crisis

Charity has amassed over 10,000 #EndHomelessness signatures Focus Ireland today presented its #EndHomelessness petition with over 10,200 signatures to three Government parties to set a target date for ending homelessness. Director Of Advocacy Mike Allen and Campaign Coordinator Louise Bayliss handed the petition to Senator...


Focus Ireland Launches New 5 Year Strategy Which Aims to Support 5,000 Households out of homelessness by 2025

Focus Ireland published its new 5-year Strategic Plan today which aims to support over 5,000 households out of homelessness by the end of 2025. The charity will achieve this by delivering 1150 new homes in partnership with Local Authorities and other State agencies through a mix of direct...