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Our Child Safeguarding Statement for Service Workers Learn More

Information Guidebook

In your work providing information to the public do you sometimes get questions from people at risk of or experiencing homelessness? We can help.

The guidebook is for general advice givers that are faced with queries from people who are at risk of or are currently experiencing homelessness.

The book is designed to compliment the existing resources (such as the Citizens Information website) with issue specific information that is supported through our information hub.

The book is available to download or you can order a hard copy by emailing your contact details and address to

Useful Organisations

We have compiled a useful list of organisations that can help support those who are homeless or those at risk of homelessness.

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Keep up to date with the latest circulars that affect your role

A circular is most often a note from a Government Department to relevant staff in relation to specific issues. Often circulars can update staff as to new regulations or legislation and how this will affect their work practice. It can often provide guidance and clarity to an official in carrying out their role and functions and the parameters they should operate within.  

Homeless HAP Place Finder Service - Options and arrangements for National rollout

Application of Revised HAP Limits, and Discretionary Flexibility to make enhanced HAP payments made available to all Local Authorities

Rent supplement note for regional officers on the use of discretion.

This circular attaches updated administrative guidelines in relation to changes to the housing adaptions grant schemes for older people and people with a disability.

This circular is addressed at local authorities and relates to access to social housing for non Irish.

This relates to regulations made setting maximum rent levels in relation to rent supplement. The circular re-states the circumstances where the maximum levels may be exceeded.