School Resources

School Resources

We provide a number of innovative resources aimed at both primary and secondary school students and teachers.

Primary School Resource

Focus Ireland’s education resource for primary schools is aimed at teaching students the reasons people become homeless.

The innovative resource “No Place Like Home” is the first of its kind on the national curriculum directly aimed at children in 5th and 6th class. “No Place Like Home” was developed by the Curriculum Development Unit at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick – who are the leading experts on curriculum development for this age group – in full collaboration with Focus Ireland. The resource aims to gain students interest by using a variety of mediums including multimedia, art, drama, English and geography. Children are also given the chance to discuss homelessness and the issues people who are homeless may face, with the aim of breaking down any negative stereotypes some of them may have around the subject.

To order a free hard copy of this resource, please contact Focus Ireland at 01 8815900 or

Secondary School Resource

Focus Ireland believes that education plays a key role in the prevention of homelessness and in increasing public awareness of the different issues associated with homelessness.

Focus Ireland launched the “Without your home, your life develops differently” campaign in 2007 to help break down the stereotypes surrounding homelessness. The aim of the campaign was to improve public understanding of the issue in order to increase support for long-term solutions. The secondary school resource for Junior Cycle CSPE students “Without your home, your life develops differently – Teaching and learning resource for Civic, Social and Political Education” was published in 2010 and was developed by the Curriculum Development Unit of the Department of Education in conjunction with Focus Ireland. It is broken into 10 lessons which make use of a variety of methodologies including case studies, group activities and brainstorming. The resource is supplemented with a DVD containing interviews, news reports and photographs.

To order a free hard copy and/or DVD of this resource, please contact Focus Ireland at 01 8815900 or 

You can download the resource here.