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The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle

Every cyclist who joins Focus Ireland is a hero helping end homelessness.

Focus Ireland Voter Registration Drive - March 26th 2024

Empowering people to use their vote to help End Homelessness

Best Interest of Child Campaign

Since the end of the pandemic the number homeless children has gone up by 60%.

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How you helped us in 2022


Customers engaged with our services


Young people (aged 18-23) supported by our Youth and Aftercare services


Households supported to keep their homes


Households supported to settle into new homes


Families supported out of homelessness


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Homes delivered by Focus Housing Association

How do you explain homelessness to a child?

Please help protect the families trapped in homelessness.

How many more children must suffer?

Homelessness nearly destroyed us. Now it’s happening all over again.

“If we can help one family. That’s all I think about.” - Focus Ireland

“My son was born into homelessness.”

Jennifer was homeless with 3 children. This is her story.