Risk Assessment to
Safeguard Children

Risk Assessment to
Safeguard Children

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Risk Assessment to Safeguard Children from Harm

We have carried out an assessment of any potential for harm to come to a child while availing of our services.

Taking the definition of Harm in relation to a child as:

“assault, Ill treatment or neglect of the child in a manner that seriously affects or is likely to seriously affect the child’s health, development or welfare, or sexual abuse of the child”

Below are a list of the possible areas of risk identified and the list of possible procedures for managing these risks.

All services manage risks by following agreed organisational policies and procedures; the list below is an amalgamation of procedures in place across the organisation.

Risk identified Procedure in place to manage identified risk

1. Child in service may be witness to an incident involving individuals exhibiting challenging behaviour or who are substance affected. Adequate staffing in place, family space available, staff trained in managing difficult behaviour, sanctions policy in place, child support workers available to child where necessary.
2. Child may be subject to harm from other children while accessing our services. Staff ratio, clearly defined boundaries for all children using our services, clear communication with parents/ guardians as to expectations of service and support offered where there may be deficits in knowledge / skills. Support plans/ placement plans to reflect needs of children involved
3. Child may be subject to harm from staff member / volunteer / relief staff Comprehensive recruitment and vetting process in place. Lone working policy outlines procedures for working alone with children. Site specific safety mechanisms in place. Code of conduct for all staff.
4. Child may be witness to / at risk due to domestic violence in the home Child safeguarding policy followed, TUSLA contact, appropriate resources initiated (child support worker, family support worker)
Garda involvement initiated.
5. Children in our accommodation services may be subject to harm from visitors /contractors to the service. Provision of individual bedrooms where available to allow children to remove themselves from situations which may feel unsafe.
Adequate staffing, visitors / contractors sign in and supervision procedures.
Customer complaints
Incident reporting procedures and review mechanisms