Class Acts for Focus Ireland is about doing something right. Something urgent. Something good. Something powerful

Bake Sale for Focus Ireland

The greatest ever, country-wide, schools’ action against homelessness

Get your school, your year, or your class together for a sponsored Bake Sale to raise money for homelessness and Focus Ireland.

Bring in cupcakes, tea cakes, fruity bakes or creamy sponges and have a tea party for good to raise money for Focus Ireland.

Once you register we will contact you directly and send out your fundraising packs.

The last few months haven’t been easy for students, parents or teachers but hopefully with schools re-opening, it will provide some normality for everyone!

For your bake sale, we advise you to wrap up your goodies and take precaution like our local shops and restaurants have. Anyone bringing in baked goods from home to wrap food in cling film and allow time for each student to leave their baked goods in the kitchen/food hall. Assign a team of students to set up tables and wrapped food with social distancing measures taken. Students to go in groups to the food hall to get their goodies!

Instead of the students paying for cakes on the day, everyone is to ask their parent to Revolut or bank transfer or donate to the online school fundraising page (we can set this up for you!) For example: to get 2 cakes of your choice €4, to get 5 cakes €10, etc.

Shop bought cakes are also welcome!


For further information and assistance contact our Community Fundraising Team, who are happy you help you plan your event.
Telephone: 01 881 5900