Focus Ireland calls on Govt to take more urgent action to ease the deepening human crisis as new numbers show yet another new record as 12,847 homeless 

Charity makes call as shocking total of 3,829 children are homeless as schools will soon return after summer holidays

Figures published by the Department of Housing today show the number of people officially homeless in July reached yet another new record at 12,847. The figures show a significant rise of 247 people in one month compared to the 12,600 homeless in June this year.  These latest figures show a 22% rise in homelessness compared to July 2022.


The figures also show another new record number of 1,839 families with 3,829 children homeless. The charity said it must be seen as unacceptable that thousands of children are homeless as they soon return to school after the Summer.


Focus Ireland CEO Pat Dennigan: “The Summer is meant to be a carefree time for youngsters, but this year a rising number of children are dealing with the trauma caused by homelessness. We are working with the State to support these children, but it is still the reality that many will soon return to school from emergency accommodation such as hotels and family hubs. It is wrong that this is happening. As a society we must move beyond acknowledging that is “disappointing” that this is happening and very strongly agree that not only is it unacceptable but that more can – and must – be done.”


He added: “We have seen before how firm action delivers results as from November 2019 to April 2021 family homelessness was cut by 45% due to work by Focus Ireland and others in partnership with the State.  During the pandemic, the Government response led to the successful implementation of collaborative policies encompassing health and housing, resulting in remarkable outcomes. One of these policies was the eviction ban and another was ensuring families who were homeless got priority for social housing.”


Focus Ireland said that family homelessness continues to rise primarily because families are finding it harder than ever to secure a new home and move out of homelessness. This means that not only are more families homeless, but they are also stuck in homelessness for longer.


Mr Dennigan said: “It is possible for more action to be taken to help families and children to leave homelessness. The Government is not using anywhere near enough of the new social housing supply coming on stream to drive down homelessness. Families and single people who are long-term homeless need to get a fairer share of the homes that become available.”


“Only yesterday Minister Darragh O’Brien officially opened our new development at Connaught St in Dublin which has delivered 20 much needed homes for families and individuals who in need of housing – with the support of the Department of Housing, Housing Finance Agency, and Dublin City Council. This is an example of what can be achieved by purposeful partnership. We need to see a lot more of this in the coming months and years.”


He added: “The only long-term solution to ending homelessness in Ireland is a rapid build programme of new social and affordable housing, with allocations of social homes used to drive down homelessness. It is also vital that the building programme delivers the type of homes required, which is a good mix of social, rental and purchase which is affordable for families and individuals.”


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