Cully & Sully Piggy Bank

Cully and Sully are urging customers to turn their used soup tubs into a piggy bank for Focus Ireland and have pledged to match the nations donations, up to €10,000.

The Cully and Sully piggy bank tubs will be available nationwide in supermarkets from early October. The SOUPer food company will add up the piggy bank donations from the 1st of December, match the nations efforts up to €10,000 and give Focus Ireland the much needed funding before Christmas arrives.

As little as €25 could help Focus Ireland provide warm, nutritious meals for families living in emergency accommodation. €50 would provide school supplies, books and uniforms. €100 would provide practical short-term supplies for a family experiencing homelessness. €250 could provide specialised support to children traumatised by their experience of homelessness

Before the 1st of December, all moneys raised will need to be transferred via Cully and Sully’s GoFundMe page here or register below and we can send you out a bank Giro which can be used by you to lodge the proceeds of your piggy bank to our Bank of Ireland Account.
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