Focus on Homelessness - Special Editions

Focus on Homelessness - Special Editions

Read our blog on Volume II here

Focus Ireland and the School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin have collaborated for over a decade to bring high quality and up-to-date research on homelessness to a wider audience and into the core of public policy formation. This series, ‘Focus on Homelessness’ aims to build on the success of our research and our popular ‘Lunchtime Talks’ series, by making the now substantial body of data published by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government available in an accessible format.

In this volume we provide a more detailed description of expenditure data and some of the limitations of this data.

The full Expenditure report can be accessed here and our blog setting out Focus Ireland analysis of the data is available here.


Webinar on this edition

We launched this edition of Focus on Homelessness with a webinar presented by co-author of the report Professor Eoin O'Sullivan, with responses from Mike Allen, Michelle Norris and Wayne Stanley.