Why Leave a Legacy?

Why Leave a Legacy?

  1. Generosity lives beyond life. People give throughout their lives in many ways and simply want to continue that practice of generosity beyond their lifetime.


  1. Caring people want to continue to make a difference. People who care for and about others right now, also want the world to be a better place after they’re gone.


  1. Caring brings reassurance. Many people find personal and, for some, even spiritual reassurance, peace of mind and happiness in the knowledge that they can continue to do good for decades into the future.


  1. You can shape your own wonderful personal legacy. People want to be appropriately remembered for making a significant difference not just in life but after they’re gone. We see everyday how close homelessness is to Irish people’s hearts – one of the country’s most emotional and moving causes.


  1. To forge a sacred contract between the generations. Some people feel strongly that they can help nurture a kind of ‘sacred contract between the generations’ – to continue beyond their passing to be a role model; to encourage others to care; to continue Sr. Stan’s legacy – striving for fairness for those less fortunate.